Basement Remodeling for 3 generations!

Basement Remodeling experts for three generations!

Basement Renovation Long Island

Your basement can be so much more than a dark, dank storage space. With the basement remodeling contractors at Hugh Bauers Contracting, it can become the favorite room in your home! With more than 3 generations of experience behind us, we know a thing or two about remodeling basements. Our family-owned and operated general contracting company has had the pleasure of finishing the basements of countless Long Island homeowners. When you choose us for your basement remodeling needs, you can have confidence knowing that the job will be done the right way; quickly and affordably. 

Custom Finished Basements Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

An unfinished basement offers so much potential. A private office, a home gym, a playroom for the kids, a “man cave”, a master suite; the options are virtually endless. At Hugh Bauers Contracting, our basement remodelers can turn your unfinished basement into a warm and inviting space that meets your specific needs, whatever those needs may be.

We have the knowledge and experience to turn your basement into just about any space you desire, such as a:

  •         Media room
  •         Game room
  •         Playroom for the kids
  •         Personal gym
  •         Home office
  •         Master suite or guest suite, complete with a luxurious bathroom
  •         Apartment
  •         Bar/wine cellar
  •         Woman/man cave
  •         Craft room
  •         Workshop

If you can dream it, our basement remodelers can build it! Whether you would like one continuous space or multiple rooms, we can incorporate all of the features that you desire to make your basement the best room in your house.

Add More Living Space and Increase the Value of Your Home

A finished basement adds valuable living space to your home. That extra space will not only benefit your family; it increases the resale value of your property. If you ever put your house on the market, you’re almost guaranteed to sell it faster and for more money, if your basement is finished. Long Island house hunters always want more space, and that’s exactly what a finished basement provides. Dollar for dollar, basement remodeling offers the best value per square foot of any home remodeling project; especially when it’s done the right way by contractors who have ample experience and extensive knowledge. On average, you can recoup 75% or more at resale; one of the highest returns on investment of any home remodeling project.

High-Quality, Safe, and Secure Finished Basements

Basements present unique challenges that need to be properly addressed to ensure the space functions properly. Things like dampness, darkness, draftiness, low ceilings, utility lines, and appliances are just some of the elements that need to be taken care of. At Hugh Bauers Contracting, our team of professionals knows how to navigate all of these obstacles to deliver high-quality results that will not only make your basement more usable, but will also make it more functional.

We use the highest quality materials to deliver exceptional, durable, and long-lasting results. Wall panels and ceiling tiles will transform the look and feel of your basement, while access points will allow easy entry to plumbing pipes, electrical lines, and other essential utility elements that run through the space. We can also install various types of flooring materials, including wood, carpet, and tile of all colors, textures, and styles. Of course, the entire space will be properly insulated and waterproofed to ensure warmth, safety, and security.

The Hugh Bauers Contracting Basement Remodeling Process

At Hugh Bauers Contracting, we’ll begin your custom basement remodel with a free consultation. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your vision and your goals. We’ll draft a design idea that will incorporate all of the features you’re looking for.

We’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your basement to check for signs of potential problems, such as water damage and cracks in the walls and floors. If we detect any issues, we’ll make the necessary repairs before we start remodeling.

Our team of talented contractors will expertly install your new basement walls, ceiling, and flooring, as well as every other element that’s needed to transform the space into a functional, comfortable area; lighting, electrical outlets, plumbing, heating, and any other component that’s needed to bring your vision to life.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll keep all of your goals in mind and make sure that they’re properly addressed. The basement remodeling contractors at Hugh Bauers Contracting will get your project done on-time and with minimal disruption to the rest of your home.

Bring Your Finished Basement Vision to Life: Contact Hugh Bauers Contracting Today!

Family owned and operated with three generations of experience in the industry, Hugh Bauers Contracting has the knowledge and expertise you can count on to deliver the finished basement of your dreams.

Interested in learning more? Want to get your project started? Contact Hugh Bauers Contracting today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We look forward to working with you and turning your basement into your favorite space.



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